TP-Link never release firmware for there products?

TP-Link never release firmware for there products?
TP-Link never release firmware for there products?
2018-03-18 19:10:52
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Hi, so i'm a bit confused here. Nearly every single modem or router I look at from TP-Link still has the initial firmware, no updates, big fixes or new features.
Is this just an issue with the website no displaying it and the actual router will download newer firmware within the GUI? Or do TP-Link simply not bother?
Every other network company have at least 10 firmware updates that actually show they are improving the product.
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Re:TP-Link never release firmware for there products?
2018-03-19 04:19:42
Well you may have hit the nail directly on the head , lol.

If you go look at some of my postings , I have tried to get an update on the VR900v2 for a few months , questioning support will get you better answers ;)

Some routers do get updates , there was one for mine straight after I bought it , as the original was out of date from " Out of the Box " , it is just not very clear , but I do
agree with you they do seem to be very lapse at releasing updates , unlike many other manufacturers , so either TP-Link are superb at releasing a firmware update
that covers all issues immediately from new / first few months , or they do not follow up after taking £150 from you for a modem/router ?

I cannot complain as my VR900v2 has been superb , apart from not showing hardly any " Line Stats " which I was surprised by from such a top quality router
most manufacturers allow viewing of these to fault find when line issues appear , however it has been rock solid after I got my drop line changed by BT.

It just didn't help not being able to see these to argue with BT how bad my line had suddenly become , having these would have made it so easy.

I was so impressed by this reliability , I went out and got 2 x AP500 ( £100 each ) access points as well to add to my network .