Archer T4U V2 AC1300- Fix Slow Speeds

Archer T4U V2 AC1300- Fix Slow Speeds
Archer T4U V2 AC1300- Fix Slow Speeds
2018-08-01 22:35:00
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Hi All,

I got this WiFi adapter and to my surprise I was getting 1Mb - 4Mb per second, it didn't take long to see that a lot of people have been having this issue and are waiting for new updates. After reading a few posts and spending nearly an hour and with the help from other threads I'm now getting 220ish Mb/s and pings always below 9 which is amazing.

Anyway, download the drivers from

Extract the zip file and take note of where the zip file extracts to (in my case the "Downloads" Folder) Then:

Open Device Manager
Expand "Network adapters"
Right click "TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter"
Select "Update Driver"
Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
Select "let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"
Select "Have Disk" located on the bottom right
Select "Browse"
Navigate to the folder which the drivers extracted and once in the "Driver Files" folder double click your Windows version (in my case "Windows 10 64bit) and then select the "netrtwlanu" file.

Once done reboot your computer, i'd probably advise on downloading the TP-Link utility also and you should now have amazing speeds and low pings for online gaming.

I have tested this adapter with my Shadow subscription which turns any pc, Mac or Android device into a powerful Windows gaming platform running a GTX 1080, Intel XEON, 12gb DDR4 and more but requires a very good and stable internet connection which I'm getting with this adapter and have been playing the latest titles on ultra settings with no latency what so ever so in a short period of time this adapter went from unusable to perfect!

If I've caught your attention with shadow please head over to for more information and use promotion code DANSPE3D for £10 off your first month!

As I say credit is due elsewhere as I'm essentially relaying information from others but if it worked for you let me know :)