RE580D - Internet keeps disconnecting

RE580D - Internet keeps disconnecting
RE580D - Internet keeps disconnecting
2018-11-13 15:10:45

My setup:


Router: Linksys EA8100


Range Extender: RE580D

  • Via Ethernet Port 1: My Desktop



I set up the RE580D using the Quick Setup guide on the RE580D's default gateway ( 

Every 15-20 minutes the RE580D completely disconnects from my EA8100 Router for about 30 seconds before automatically reconnecting back agian.


Here's how I've tweaked the RE580D but still the problem persists: 

RE580D Is connected to my EA8100 2.4 & 5 Ghz network.

RE580D's Extended Network is disabled.

Access Control is Off.

RE580D is set to Optain an IP address automatically from my EA8100's DHCP.

The DHCP Server on my RE580D is on Auto.


Solutions I've tried:

Moving the RE580D literally right next to my EA8100 Router. (Just to prove it isn't a distance issue.)

Upgrading the firmware to 'rel63483' which i got from the product page.

Messing with the EA8100's Wifi settings; Changed Channels, Bandwidths


Little snippets i've extracted from the Logs:


  • DNS probing failed, DUT can not get a dns server.



  • DHCP detection failed.



  • NTP detection failed.


WIRELESS (Theres a lot more of similar messages)

  • 5G failed to connect to the front end: AUTH 6, 0.
  • 5G failed to connect to the front end: ROAM 1, 4.


By the way as i'm typing this, the thing just disconnected agian. Haha e_e Send help.


Oh and just a little extra thing not sure if this matters but as I've mentioned I connected my Desktop to the Port 1 on the RE580D, yet it says I have 0 clients.

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Re:RE580D - Internet keeps disconnecting
2019-08-08 10:36:59

I have a similar problem, probably worst? Every time I've successfully connected my RE580D to my host wifi (Linksys EA7500) and enjoyed streaming videos on youtube but 6mins or so later, I lost all internet access from all devices connected. I doubt any settings I made were wrong since it works, just for 5mins.


Hoping your solution had fixed your problem and might help with mine too.

Re:Re:RE580D - Internet keeps disconnecting
2019-08-09 03:01:04



Please give me the below details so that we can do more troubleshooting.

a. What's the light status of the RE580D and main router when the extender stops working?


b. How often it drops connection, and can you see the extender's wifi at that time?


c. Please connect your computer to the RE580D directly when the connections drop out. And please click here to check the IP address, default gateway and DNS server as the below instruction. 
Note: Please show me the screenshot of the status-details page.


Then please login to the web UI of the RE580D when it lost connection and show us a screenshot of the settings-status page and the system log.

Note: Go to settings-system tools-system log to save it.


d. At that time, please connect your computer to the main router directly and test the IP, default gateway and DNS too.
Note: Please show me the screenshot of the status-details page.


e. How far away between the extender and main router And what's the wifi signal strength? Try to move it closer to the main router; and try to setup the static IP for the RE580D to configure it.


Thanks in advance, and have a good day.