Not Happy With Coverage

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Not Happy With Coverage

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Not Happy With Coverage
Not Happy With Coverage
2019-08-12 09:07:27
Model: TL-WPA7510 KIT  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 20180330 Rel. 37074



I purchased a TL-WPA7510 Kit to try and assist coverage of wi fi in a 3 storey house. After setup and placement, I was still not entirely happy and wanted to look for an additional extender for the top floor, but in Thailand, things were limited, so I was really only able to purchase a second TL-WPA7510 Kit


Here is the house layout first and it would be fantastic if someone knew the optimal way to set things up. The house is a rental, so none of these things can be cnahged.


The 1st/middle floor is where the cable router is. It is a Huawei EchoLife HG8145V GPON Terminal. This is where I have the main TL-WPA7510 adapter located. it is connected to the router with an ethernet cable. 


2nd/top floor is where my office is. I connect to the router wirelessly via wi fi. The coverage has been just OK, so was wanting an extender in this room to assist. The extender that came with the kit is used on the ground floor.


Ground/bottom floor is where both our QNAP NAS and Apple TV are located. This NAS has all out entertainment on it and needs to communicate directly with my iMac on the top floor, plus we often stream football from the iMac to the Apple TV on the ground floor. This signal has not been great, with lots of buffering occuring when watching live sport. I have the TL-PA7010 extender on this floor and it is connected to the NAS via an ethernet cable.


As I said, the wi fi signal in the office was just OK with no extender, but the connection to the gound floor was diabolical. So I thought to buy an additional TL-PA7010 extender to place in the office and hopefully enhance both the wi fi coverage from the router on the 1st floor, but also get a better signal between the iMac on floor 3 and the Apple TV and NAS on the gound floor.


It was not possible to find a single extender here in rural Thailand and buying from overseas often incurs additional duty when it is delivered, so I bought what I could get here. It was another TL-WPA7510 Kit, so an additional TL-WPA7510 adapter and TL-PA7010 extender.


Here is what I tried:


I plugged in the TL-WPA7510 adapter and 2 TL-PA7010 extenders in the same room and hit Pair on the adapter, then also on the 2 extenders. Once paired, I placed the extenders in their locations; the one on the gound floor has an ethernet connection for the Apple TV and NAS, the one on the top floor in the office is not connected to the iMac via an ethernet cable. 


The wi fi signal in the office is better and so is the connection to the NAS/Apple TV, but still not terrific.


So, due to having bought 2 kits, I have 2 x TL-WPA7510 adapters and 2 x TL-PA7010 extender. As I said, At the moment, I have the single adapter and 2 extenders paired, but I am curious about the instructions to Unify You Wi-Fi Network via WPS. Could I do better to setup things this way? Might it be better to use the additional TL-WPA7510 adapter somewhere to boost, or as a replacement of one of the extenders?


I have the tpPLC app installed on my phone, so have been able to look inside the units and see things like Guest Network. 


So if someone has an idea of the optimal setup for what I currently have, that would be great. I did actually try the second TL-WPA7510 adapter in the office with just the one extender on the gound floor and the other adapter directly into the router and the live streaming seemed not too bad, but would love advice on the best way to get the most out of what I have


Thanks so much and apologies if thigs seems a little long-winded



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Re:Not Happy With Coverage
2019-08-14 09:52:07



So the current network topology is that the main router--TL-WPA7510(middle floor)--TL-PA7010 x2 ( one in ground floor and the other one in top floor)?


For the adapter and extender, usually, we connect the powerline adapter without wifi function to the main router directly as the master unit, for the extender unit which has wifi function, we relocate it to extend the wifi range and ethernet port.


And the powerline adapters are sold as a kit usually; For your case, you can put the TL-PA7010 to the main router directly and relocate the extra powerline adapters; and you can connect the iMac to the powerline adpater by wired cable and then verify the connection between the iMac and the NAS/TV.


Meanwhile, we can use the tpPLC utility to manage the powerline adapters and customize some settings.


Note: The performance of the powerline adapter is still related to the actual network environment; you can try different combinations and find the best one.


May it help and have a nice day. 


Re:Re:Not Happy With Coverage
2019-08-31 09:14:46

hi Kevin


Thanks so much for your reply and apologies for the delay in replying.


May I please ask a couple of further questions re the setup?


I have now moved the TL-PA7010 to the main router directly via ethernet. I have both of the TL-WPA7510 extenders on the top and ground floors. I was not able to connect the iMac to the unit via ethernet due to distance, so it is connected via Wi Fi


I have also changed the Wi Fi settings in each unit. My router does not have a WPS button, so I input the details manually. Is it correct to have those settings match the SSID and passord of the main router?


I also enable the guest network. Not sure if this is correct, so I can disable it if it is not the preferred way. 


The iMac is able to connect to the NAS and communicate and both extender connect to the main router fine. I only finalised everything this morning, so am not sure what the connection rates are like, but was just curious as to whether I have done things right re the Wi Fi settings in the extenders.


Thanks again, Kevin



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