Default gateway problem

Default gateway problem
Default gateway problem
2019-08-13 20:24:53
Model: Archer C5400
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

I keep having issues with multiple devices keep getting "no internet" , the connection drops and when i try to fix it , it shows "default gateway not available".  I even reset the router and configure it again. All settings are on default

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Re:Default gateway problem
2019-08-14 03:10:37



Sorry for the trouble caused, we will do some troubleshooting and try to fix it. 


May I know who is your ISP?


What is the light status of the C5400 when the connection drops out? Can you get internet from it via wired cable at that time? Please connect your device to the modem directly to do a comparison test as well.


When the network stops working, please check the IP address and default gateway with your computer connected to the modem/router separately and show me the status-details page. Instruction as below:


At that time, please login to the web UI of the Archer C5400 and take a full screenshot of the Advanced-status page; and go to advanced-system tools-system log  to save and export it to us. 


Besides, please follow the instruction below to do some test and tell me which case you belong to.


Good day.

Re:Re:Default gateway problem
2019-08-18 20:20:44

Hi @Kevin_Z 

thanks for reply 

my ISP is etisalat 


at time of issue it appears my router is connected as light is on plus the status shows the same. See the picture below. The devices shows that they don’t have ip address


also I took screen shot from mobile app , as you can see in picture I have two routers. C5400X acts as access point connected via cable. And


As per picture it shows it’s connected to internet as my mobile was connected via data.


I’m attaching system log