Archer T9E flickering screen issue

Archer T9E flickering screen issue
Archer T9E flickering screen issue
2019-08-30 13:44:35
Model: Archer T9E
Hardware Version: V7
Firmware Version:

hi i bought this card, and when i installed the drivers my screen started to flick, whenever i open windows explorer, sometimes its random, and sometimes it wont stop. flickers and turns off my screen.


if i disable de card from the hardware manager, the flickering stops, so i know for sure its software related.


i've tried a clean windows 10 installation, newer drivers, newer vga drivers, and nothing changes...


maybe someone knows how to fix this.


i would hate to sell my card cos, i like the porformance i get from it using it for streaming with plex.




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Re:Archer T9E flickering screen issue
2019-09-02 07:14:44



Have you ever tried to reinstall the driver by downloading it from the official website?


Meanwhile, try to change another PCI-E slot or computer to do a comparison analysis.


Still the same, please shot a short video of the flickering issue and send to us.


Thanks in advance, and have a good day.