Deco M9 Plus internet connection

Deco M9 Plus internet connection
Deco M9 Plus internet connection
2019-09-05 13:03:10 - last edited 2019-09-05 16:24:06
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.8



Recently purchased a three-unit set of the M9 plus.


All is working well apart from pne issue. In router mode, the 'main deco' unit will not connect to the internet. The only fix I have found is to set up similar to 'AP' mode and place a router between the modem and the main deco unit. Then the system will work with no problems. I have swapped the unit to check for any unit issues, no change to the problem.


I realise I may not have explained myself very clearly, however all help will be appreaciated.





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Re:Deco M9 Plus internet connection
2019-09-06 01:24:10 - last edited 2019-09-06 01:25:04



How did you setup the old router? Do you have the username and password given by ISP? And is there any other settings need to be enabled to get internet? Like VLAN ID?


With Deco M9 plus connected to the modem directly, please follow the instruction below to set it up;


After configuration, please check the led status of the main Deco. 


Besides, you can connect the computer to the modem directly and configure it with the same username and password to verify whether you can get internet.


Further more, please ensure that there is no mac filering / mac binding enabled on the modem/ISP's end.


May it help and have a nice day. 


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