Archer MR600 - VPN on mobile network fail

Archer MR600 - VPN on mobile network fail
Archer MR600 - VPN on mobile network fail
2019-09-23 14:33:09
Model: Archer MR600
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 190412 Rel.66770n

I configured the 4G Archer MR600 modem with a VPN.
My aim is to be able to access the local network present on the MR600 side in order to manage the devices present there.
The data connection is given by a vodafone SIM and from within the network I can easily navigate even with a decent speed.
At first I tested a trivial PPTP but without the test being successful. In fact I got an apparently latency error from my client (PC with win 10 pro and even with an Android smartphone).
I then switched to using a much more reliable OpenVPN but this time the error obtained was indicated as a problem on the certificate. Only that the certificate is self-generated and incorporated into the configuration file that is exported and used for client connection.
At this point I had the doubt that the problem could depend on the type of connection (4G on data SIM) and I therefore disabled the internet access of the modem via SIM and activated the WAN port connected to an external router (opening the OpenVPN ports ).
This time the connection in Open VPN worked without any problems.
There would therefore appear to be a malfunction that depends on the internet connection mode and perhaps on the type of data SIM used.
Any suggestions or suggestions of any kind?

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Re:Archer MR600 - VPN on mobile network fail
2019-09-24 07:32:31



Hello, below is the instruction to setup OPVN on the Archer MR600. 


Is there any error message indicates that it failed when MR600 works in LTE router mode?


What is the internet IP of the Archer MR600 in LTE router mode and the regular wireless router mode separately? 


Thanks in advance, and have a good day.