Add wifi to TL-PA7010 KIT

Add wifi to TL-PA7010 KIT
Add wifi to TL-PA7010 KIT
2019-09-28 19:37:45
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I have the TL-PA7010 KIT.

I would like to add a wifi PLC to this. 

Can you please help me choose the right product to buy?

I can tell from the forum that this is a very common question, but I cannot find any direct advice on what to buy. 

I just need something that works doesn't have to be super fast or anything. 

I just need to add a wifi PLC to my current setup.   


Thank you so much in advance. I'm really confused about this


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Re:Add wifi to TL-PA7010 KIT
2019-09-29 03:26:27



Hello, please read this article:


Usually, we will recommend 7/8/9 series products cause you have a TL-PA7010KIT already, while if you do not mind speed or the performance, just want  to add a wifi unit, the TL-WPA4220 is okay as well. It will be cheaper. 


Good day.