Deco M5 or P9

Deco M5 or P9
Deco M5 or P9
2020-01-24 14:04:42
Model: Deco P9
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I am interested in buying a Deco mesh wifi system for my home.  I have an unusual home, which is an L-shaped barn conversion.  The main barn (the base of the 'L') has huge thick walls between rooms (downstairs), and is two storey.  Then there is a very long thin extension leading away from the main part, which is of more standard construction.  I have a wired (ethernet) connection from the main router location (in the angle of the 'L') to a point two thirds of the way down the long thin extension.


I have narrowed down to two options.  The M5 is something my brother-in-law has been happy with, but I note on the TP Link website that the P9 should cope better with the thick walls, by connecting the units via powerline rather than WiFi mesh.  However, since I have the wired link to the extension region I wanted to put a unit down there with a wired ethernet connection back to the main unit next to the router.  I have read that combining powerline and ethernet connections back to the main unit with the P9 is problematic, if not plain impossible.


Does anyone have any suggestions that can help me confirm which might be the best units for me?


Thanks a lot,