Issues with device setup

Issues with device setup
Issues with device setup
2020-02-14 15:35:50
Model: TG-3468
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:



I've gone through the setup process a few times now but I'm not able to use the device yet. 


It is found in the hardware of my Windows 10 computer and I've installed the drivers - those should be working without issues. 


However, I'm not able to find any networks - the network adapter is shown as active but not functioning, as the LAN cable has been disconnected. 


The device's lights are not on - they just flash at random times, one at a time for less than a second. This happens most when just booting my computer. 


So obviously it's getting power and it's drivers are installed - any insights on what I'm missing? 

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Re:Issues with device setup
2020-02-19 11:15:28



Can it detect any wireless networks now?


If there is no wifi detected, try to change the wireless setting of the main router, like wireless channel or channel width;


If it is connected to the host wifi but no internet access, please click here to verify the IP address and gateway obtained. And try to ping the gateway of main router and show us the results.


Good day. 

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