Home Network help Deco M4

Home Network help Deco M4
Home Network help Deco M4
2020-03-26 19:41:08 - last edited 2020-03-26 19:42:38
Model: Deco M4
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.1.8



Right now I have the Deco1 plugged right into my ISP Modem/Router


Modem/router --- Main Deco then Deco2 & 3 are placed around the house.  They extend my network great. .



I have a wireless printer on that Wireless Network.

I have two computers hooked to the Modem/Router and because the main deco creates its own network I can not access that wireless printer.


I tried hooking a switch to the 2nd Ethernet port on the Main Deco and hooking my two computers to that but it did not work. 






Why does each Deco have two ethernet ports? 



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Re:Home Network help Deco M4
2020-03-27 01:27:58



Hello, with PC--switch-main Deco connected, please click here to check the IP address and gateway of your PC. And please verify whether it is in the same subnet as the wireless printer. 


And try to ping the IP address of printer from the computer and show us the results. 


As for the two LAN ports, first, each Deco can work as the main Deco (except Deco M3W), one port will be connected to the modem; the second port will be available for the wired devices or the IPTV.


May it help.