RE200 WIFI Range Extender

RE200 WIFI Range Extender
RE200 WIFI Range Extender
2020-03-31 13:16:29
Model: RE200
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

Very dissapointed after getting this product for the first day and first time. 

Expecting it can help to improve the speed and stabilize the connection, however ended up disconnecting and slow down my speed.
Saw TP Link Admin shared a thread of guide, followed everything still slow and disconnecting in games. Very unable. --> without extender. im stable and ping are not jumping
Below are the screenshot as requested for both extender and router speed.
Im praying hard not to waste any money and ended up with bunch of  guides and tips provided by ADMIN that cant solve anything. 
Kindly provide a help that can satisfy your consumer and make your product valued.


With RE200 Extender:




With Router only:


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Re:RE200 WIFI Range Extender
2020-04-01 08:00:14



Hello, we need do some troubleshooting first to locate this issue and try to figure it out. 


The speed provided is the wireless negotiation speed, it varies due to the distance, interference and so on. 


May I know what is the bandwidth you paid? And what is the speed you can get from the RE200 and main router respectively?


How far away between the RE200 and main router? Next to the RE200, please connect your computer or cellphone to the main router and test the speed you can get. 


Besides, you can change the wireless settings on the main router to improve the performance. And please ensure that the firmware of RE200 is up to date. 


Good day.