MR6400 - Nintendo switch (NAT type D) how to convert?

MR6400 - Nintendo switch (NAT type D) how to convert?
MR6400 - Nintendo switch (NAT type D) how to convert?
2020-04-12 22:27:13
Model: TL-MR6400
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.0.12 Build 170330 Rel.60752n



can anybody help me understand or change my nat mode type as i can't get my nat type changed to play games online with freinds on the Nintendo im getting errors and it point's to the issues with my nat, looking online i need to setup a static ipv4 address on the Switch and then port forward which i have to...


45000-65000 on udp/tcp.


This didn't change the nat type and ive also tried enabling DMZ on the /32 ip address i assigned but also didn't make a difference, intrestly i noticed becuase im using this router as a 3g/4g modem with a Vodafone sim card.


It also is showing as its extenral IP on the router splash page but when i do what is my ip on google i get the public IP so not sure if this effects the NAT translation / port forwarding at all.


Any help would be appriciated on this.




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Re:MR6400 - Nintendo switch (NAT type D) how to convert?
2020-04-29 12:05:54



Yes, since the Internet IP address on the MR6400 is a private IP address, it means there is another NAT product in the front, it should be on your ISP side in your case.

You could try different APNs if possible to see if you can get a public IP address.


In addition, you could also try to insert the SIM card into your phone and enable hotspot on your phone, after that, connect to the hotspot and check the NAT type again.