[SOLVED] VR600 v2.0 Downgrade

[SOLVED] VR600 v2.0 Downgrade
[SOLVED] VR600 v2.0 Downgrade
2020-04-21 21:56:58 - last edited 2020-06-03 01:36:09
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: Archer VR600(EU)_V2_200226

Hi, everbody.


I have been searching how to downgrade VR600 v2.0 firmware

Finally i learnt a solution. I know lots of people has same problem that's why i want to share it with you. 


1- Download beta firmware from http://support.tp-link.com/f/a9365b0cc4/?dl=1

2- Download firmware which you want to downgrade.

3- Turn off wi-fi adapter. 

4- Unplug dsl cable or phone line (whichever you use..)

5-  Make a connection to modem by cable

6- Update firmware with a file you downloaded first ( http://support.tp-link.com/f/a9365b0cc4/?dl=1 ) i loaded twice because first time it didn't load properly. After loading properly it returns to sing in page. 

7- Now you can load a firmware whatever you want. 


I had NL version by this program, i have returned to 2020 version. For other users i tried to downgrade 2017 version, it worked. i perefer to use 2020 version.


Please after finishing downgrade, let me know.


Good Luck.