Deco P9 frequently internet drop connection

Deco P9 frequently internet drop connection
Deco P9 frequently internet drop connection
2020-05-11 18:00:50
Model: Deco P9
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I have 3 Deco P9 that work fine in 90% of time.

I have 2 floors: 1st floor internet router with main DECO connected by ethernet. 2nd floor 2 slave DECO one of them with a smart TV connected by ethernet.

I tried all possible combinations in router and access point mode but proble is always the same even if I can give one more detail compared to some posts I read:


During normal wifi use with all kind of clients, smartphons, tablets, mac, arrives one moment when internet connection stops.

Whifi is connected with full signal but internet does not go.

only solution is to stop and restart wifi on client and it goes again perfect up to the next stop.


Everything looks ok, IP gateway simply stops to work.


I can say for sure tha problem is related to DECO SW because network works fine even when wifi connected device stop to work because when it happends on DECO with ethernet TV connected I verified that Netflix streaming continue to work fine even in the moment I have to stop and restart wifi on phone or tablet.


I have latest firmware as DEO app says, I tried all possible combinations for 20 days.


Product is fantastic and internet speed from the farest room is 75Mbps so I woul not like to ask Amazon to take product back and choos another brand.




P9 Slave--> ethernet TV continue to works fine even when wifi stops and need to be restarted on phone or tablet.

If ethernet device works fine 100% of time it means problem is not related to an internal network failure but simply on local DECO WIFI.

Problem can occurr once in 3 hours or 5 times in 20 minutes, it is random.


Thank in advance for your support.


Andrea, Rome Italy.

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Re:Deco P9 frequently internet drop connection
2020-05-12 09:51:45



That problem seems to be similar to the one I had with my first P9s used in Access Point mode. Check the gateway and DNS server addresses of the devices that lose the connection.


In AP mode, the only fix I had for it was to change the ISP router. A fortunate thunderstorm fried half of my old one and they replaced it with a newer model, and with that one things worked well. Also I did have a different in the DHCP lease time. I had it configured for 1 hour in the old one, and now I have it to one day and during that period I experienced no issues.


Since the new router support bridge mode, I activated that function and changed the Deco mode to Router mode and it also has worked fine.


There's a beta firmware that was made available in another thread, maybe that will help. I'll try that next weekend, since the current release is incredibly limited in management functions, and I don't want to lose internet connectivity during the working week. I'll have time to troubleshoot it during the weekend if something goes wrong.


Good luck