Mixing PowerLine with Mesh

Mixing PowerLine with Mesh
Mixing PowerLine with Mesh
2020-06-08 09:55:12
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I have a BT Mesh system in the house using a BT Smart Hub 2 with a WiFi Disc. This system works superbly in the house but I also have a Summer Room at the end of the garden.


This room is built too well and has a foil layer in its walls. WiFi just can't get in even though I have almost maximum signal on its surrounding deck. So I have invested in a PowerLine WPA 4220 kit to get a signal in the room. This works well.


But I'm not sure whether I can change the SSID and Password to mirror the Mesh system. Can they co-exist and what would be the behaviour of connected devices.


I understand that Mesh allows connected devices to roam between the access points depending on strength. But the 4220 would only take over when any other transmitter is totally dead. The kit has a second WiFi device that I could put in the house.



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Re:Mixing PowerLine with Mesh
2020-07-10 03:07:43




Here are 2 ways you can refer to customize the wireless settings:


Through the web management page:



Through the tpPLC utility:



This device can provide wifi for you in the dead zone. But this product doesn't have One-mesh function.


Here is a compatible list you can refer to:



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