Internet connection problem

Internet connection problem
Internet connection problem
2020-07-04 08:35:36 - last edited 2020-07-09 08:10:03
Model: AC500
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

My Model was not on the list. Archer VR400 (EU) Ver. 2.0, AC1200. 


The problem is that on a laptop it looks like wi-fi is connected and ok. But the internet connection is not working.

All settings via the mobile application look to be ok, but no internet connection anyway. 

Quick setup tested. The information tells successful, but then "Internet is unavailable".

What to do? 

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Re:Internet connection problem
2020-07-13 10:32:33




For this issue, we would like to collect some information first so that we can locate the issue quickly and provide you some suggestions.


Does the internet light which looks like a globe/ planet on the front panel of this router lit up or not? 

1. If the light is off, please check if the WAN port(blue port) of the router is connected to the modem with Ethernet correctly, you need to check all of the Ethernet cable, modem, etc.

2. If the internet light is on, please unplug the Ethernet cable from the blue Ethernet port of the TP-Link router, then plug the same cable directly to your computer(Which means from your modem go straight to your computer, bypass the TP-Link router) and disable the wifi on your computer then check if you have the internet on the computer,  If there's no internet, please contact your ISP to check the internet or modem.

If the computer has internet access, please unplugs the cable between router and modem, power off both of them for 3 minutes, then power on the modem firstly-->power on router secondly--> connect the cable between router and modem. 


But if the router still doesn't have internet after rebooting the modem, please log in to TP-LINK web interface page following the link:

Then go to Advanced > Status and take a whole status page to us.

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