TP Link Not Working

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TP Link Not Working
TP Link Not Working
2020-12-11 18:25:03 - last edited 2020-12-14 11:42:44

Please Help im am at a loss and have no idea what to do next.


Ive been in touch with both Virgin (internet provider) and TP link support who are at a loss.


Ive used TP links for 3 years with absolutely no issues. I moved house 6 months ago and took the links with me. 


I have the main adapter (TL-PA4010) linked into the modem and an wifi extender (TL-WPA4220) in the summer house. Another extender wired connected to the CCTV hardrive (TL-PA4010) and another extender wired connected to a computer desk top (TL-PA4010).


All have worked perfectly fine for the 6 months i have been here. About a week ago i notice a couple of times the TP link in the summer house going down. It seemed to sort itself out so no issues. Then few days ago it went down completly. I can see the TP-Link visible and lets me connect on all my devices but i get no service through them. I did some troubleshooting myself.

- Wifi is fine and at 200 mbps is strong

- I can use the wifi


Therefore i thought the issue would be the main adapter so i went and purchased another starter kit. I plugged in the new main adapter and new extender and the same thing happens. I can connect to the TP link but it doesnt work. Therefore ive had Virgin send me another modem as i thought that could be the issue and that hasnt resolved the issue either.


Therefore ive come to the conclusion that either i am the most unluckiest person in the world and purchased a brand new broken TP link to replace an exisiting broken TP link or its something else?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re:TP Link Not Working
2020-12-14 11:52:18


Good day,

Sorry for the delay.

Please help us check the following details:

1. After replacing with new kit, did the powerline light, power light, and Ethernet lights all 3 lights lit up on the main adapter TL-PA4010?

2.What is the IP address when you connected to the 4220 and no internet service?

3. is there another Ethernet port on the home router that we could connect to the 4010, or could you please test with a wired computer to check if the computer could get internet service?

4. Is there any access control or mac filtering on the main router?


Thank you very much.





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