Share my NAS with Guest Network

Share my NAS with Guest Network
Share my NAS with Guest Network
2021-01-02 01:01:35
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 1.0.0 Build 20181120 Rel.40749

Hello, I have 2 DECO, connected by Ethernet Cable:

DECO1 - Switch TL-SG108E - DECO2

in the switch Port 1 - DECO1, Port 2 - NAS, Port 3 - DECO2, the other Ports for other devices in main Vlan.

I just want to share NAS with Guest Vlan (591) and Main Vlan (1)

All the other devices need to keep only available to Vlan 1

Guest Vlan (591) need to have access also to Internet.


I try to configure Q VLAN, but still not able to see NAS in Guest.


1- Vlan1 - default - port 4-8 untagged

2 -Vlan2 - main - Port 1-8 untagged

3- Vlan591 - guest - Port 1-3 tagged


All ports on Pvid 2


Thanks for the help

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Re:Share my NAS with Guest Network
2021-01-04 06:40:06


Hi, The current configuration is not enough and it might require the NAS itself supported VLAN tag as well.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support.