AX1500 OFDMA won't work properly.

AX1500 OFDMA won't work properly.
AX1500 OFDMA won't work properly.
2021-01-22 16:16:44 - last edited 2021-01-22 16:17:49
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.2 Build 20201203 Rel. 36965(4555)

Hey, i'm having an issue with my routher.

I'm OnePlus 8 Pro user and i have other ax devices that supports OFDMA.


Lately the download speeds are bad. 

how bad?


My ISP provides me with 1Gbps Download and 100mbps upload.

On my computer (Desktop connected with LAN) usually i get about 920mbps which is really good.


Download when OFDMA is ON.





Download when OFDMA off : 




I dunno what and how to report this.


But my OnePlus 8 Pro does support it.

And it shouldn't be like that.

And yes i used the same server on SpeedTest.

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Re:AX1500 OFDMA won't work properly.
2021-01-22 18:50:10





Its worth noting that OFDMA does nothing for aggrigate throughput, this is a method for increasing capacity on WiFi networks.   Its not unheard of to have reduced througput speed when OFDMA is enabled.  However I have not seen it usually being this drastic a drop


OFDMA could have the following negative effects if enabled in low congestion settings.

1. As you are allowing the airspace to be devided into subcarriers, each user will get less bandwidth overall

2. During the subcarrier creation, bandwidth will be allocated out to slower devices and therefore any faster device will have additional wait times or latency

3. There is no guarantee your device will be allocated the complete channel width per packet, therefore your throughput will be restricted.

4. Not all devices support this, non supporting devices will cause a mixed mode effect that must be compensated for by the AP ultimately increasing latency



This should only really be enabled if congestion is an issue, if speed is your concern disable this to ensure devices are not sub-carriered and therefore get the full channel width per packet sent.


This article below is a lot more detailed if you are interested..