TP-LINK Powerline Adapter Help (keeps disconnecting)

TP-LINK Powerline Adapter Help (keeps disconnecting)
TP-LINK Powerline Adapter Help (keeps disconnecting)
2021-01-25 13:41:11

TL;DR Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when using TP-Link (both when hard wired and when connecting to TP-Link via WiFi). More context below. 


Model: TP-LINK 300M Wi-Fi Extender Booster & 600MBPS Powerline Kit




I recently moved into a new build property. It's one of those properties with direct fibre to the home. I'm not much more techy than that. 

My EE smart router is located in the utility room at the back of the house because that's where the modem is. 

My smart TV and Xbox are in the living room. There are no ethernet ports in the living room (strange for a new build). There are some phone jacks. 

Anyway, I didn't want my TV and Xbox connected via WiFi from a router in a distant room, so I bought a TP-Link powerline adapter and hard wired my TV and Xbox up in the lounge with an ethernet cable. I did this as I hoped that having my entertainment hubs hard wired would make them more reliable than being connected via WiFi from a router in an opposite corner of the house. However, since connecting the TP-LINK, the internet just keeps dropping and reconnecting every few seconds in an endless cycle on my smart TV and Xbox when it's hard wired to the TP-link AND when connected to the TP-Link via WiFi. Regrettably I've had to go back to connecting to the main WiFi on the router which only has an average strength in the lounge. But at least it works. 

Are there any suggestions? It's got to be the TP-Link hasn't it, or is there something I'm doing wrong? Could it be EE? 

Are there any alternatives instead of the powerline adapter? Can an engineer install ethernet ports in other rooms in my house? It's a pain that my router has to be hidden miles away in a pantry off a utility. 

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Re:TP-LINK Powerline Adapter Help (keeps disconnecting)
2021-01-28 07:53:47


Hi, thank you very much for your patience.

Is your model number TL-WPA4220KIT?

How about the hardware and firmware on the 4220?

Would there be any change of the LED light when the internet kept dropping out?

Except for your smart TV and Xbox, could other mobile devices have the same issue?

If possible, please turn off the power saving mode to have a look:


Thanks a lot and wait for your reply.