Parental Controls not working

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Parental Controls not working

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Parental Controls not working
Parental Controls not working
2021-01-29 16:38:26 - last edited 2021-01-30 07:26:22
Model: Archer VR2100  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.4.0 0.9.1 v009e.0 Build 201122 Rel.72659n

Hi guys, 


I am having problems with setting up parental controls on my new router/modem (VR2100) 


I have followed the guides and tried contacting Tp-Link support with no success. 


So, I am adding my children's devices to the list of parental controls and choose the effective time followed by whitelisted restrictions without keywords in order to limit the time they can spend online. The problem is that when parental controls are switched on, outside of effective time internet is limited to such extent that they cannot even open youtube kids or Google Classroom (only some random browsing but it is hit and miss), and during an effective time, there is no internet at all (which was my intention). Additionally, my understanding is that parental controls when ON, are limiting access to all adult websites and not block nearly everything. So I have to manually turn parental control on or off to gain/restrict access, which is a pain and also absolutely ridiculous considering the price I have paid for the router.


I can use open DNS for parental controls from the device level but is there any option for blocking access only during certain times of the day? Our eldest son is 13 so I don't need to block his access to Wikipedia or sports news! But I do need to block his access after a certain time of the night so he doesn't spend all night watching youtube on his phone.


On my old router from (PlusNet ISP) I had the option of "access control" where I could choose a time where the internet is completely cut off for chosen devices only. The only similar option I can see on Tp-Link settings page is a WIFI schedule but that also cuts off my own phone and Amazon sticks etc (every wireless device).


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 







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Re:Parental Controls not working
2021-01-30 11:53:11



I have a response from TP-Link if anyone is interested 


"Thank you very much for your email requesting information about TP-Link product.

After discussing with our senior supports, we have new findings of parental control of this product. The logic of this parental control is different from what we usually understand and it is also different from other DSL or SOHO router products. 
For Archer VR2100, if we do the same settings, the target can only access the website which is in the keywords during the effective time. When the target is out of effective time, it will be totally blocked. So that is the reason why if we add no keywords in the white list, the target device can't access the internet when it is in or out of the effective time. 
Currently, if you want to block a device from accessing the internet from 10 pm-6 am, please follow the settings below:
1. Choose the target device.
2. In addition to the time of 10 pm-6 am, please select all other times. (So just choose the time that you want the target device to access the internet)
3. Choose a white list in content restriction.
4. Please add every 26 digits and 0-9 numbers in each keyword.
So the above settings mean the target device can access the internet during the selected time but will be blocked out of the effective time. 
We really appreciate your feedback. And sorry to cause so much trouble for you. Above is our current discussion on this case. If you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know. 
Thank you and have a great day!"
I will try this, but the setup that it takes to type in all 26 digits and 0-9 numbers in each keyword is absolutely ridiculous. 
Why not introducing a single option of blocking access during scheduled times for selected devices instead is beyond my understanding.. 




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