Home network advice

Home network advice
Home network advice
2021-01-30 07:51:36



I Need advice for products in order to build a home network.


Home with two floors. Modem, currently vdsl, connected to an old TP router. Router outputs 4 LANs. 3 goes to first floor, PC, TV etc... and the last goes to the second floor.

On the second floor there's a switch , splitting the single connection to router into 4 rooms. All upstairs rooms have wired connection. 


I'm looking for advice about a router (should support wifi to cover the front of the house) and at least two setelites/access-points , which are connected to the router via ethernet, for WIFI (one per floor) that supports backhaul. Meaning both the router and access points should support backhaul.


Any advice would be much appreciated.



Not sure if wifi 6 (2/3 band) is really needed, but that's another discussion. So both wifi 5/6 solutions will be appreciated 


Thanks in advance 

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Re:Home network advice
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Think the problem you are going to have is replacing the Router and having one with WiFi built into it..


1. If you go for a router with OneMesh (VR600 v3 for example) you can create a mesh network using its OneMesh nodes, but im fairly sure its over WiFi and not cable as you would like.


2. Deco might be an option, something like the M5 range can use cable backhaul to connect.   However you would need to keep your current router for internet connection only and disable the WiFi on it - instead using the master Deco M5 hub front of house as you say with the other nodes dotted around as required.     The reason to disable the WiFi on your router is any devices connected to it wouldnt be on the "mesh" therefore you lose the advantages of buying the M5..  hope that makes sense!!


3. (This is what I done last year).   Look at the Omada range, get 3x EAP225s and a controller OC200.   Same as Deco above, disable the WiFi on the router and use the 3x EAP225s for the 3 zones (front of house, first, second)  and let the controller do the hard work managing and roaming device.     This setup worked for me and the performance once you go Business grade... you will never go back!    Its going to be a bit (not much) more expensive than the Deco.. but the performance will pay in the long run


Hope that all helps and feel free to ask any questions.