Which device do you pair to?

Which device do you pair to?
Which device do you pair to?
2013-02-21 19:45:49
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TL-PA411KIT

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :


Hi guys,

I wondered if someone can help me with this simple question.
I have 5 adapters on the powerline network which I'm setting up in the home. Having installed the powerline utility software on some of the computers, I am getting dramatically different mbps rates even though some of the systems are in the same room.

ROUTER <-- Adapter 1 <-- Adapter 2 <-- Adapter 3 <-- Adapter 4 <-- Adapter 5

With the Adapter 1 being the "master" or the adapter which is hard-wired to the router, I wondered if I have correctly paired the other adapters on my network?
Just though laziness when I introduced Adapter 4, I paired it with Adapter 3, and Adapter 5 was paired with Adapter 4 as they were close together.

Did I need to pair each adapter with the master adapter 1, or doesn't it matter?

I seem to have a rare intermittent issue at the moment where some of the PCs will lose connectivity with the network error: "limited or no connectivity" I then have to run the troubleshooter to fix the problem.

Thank you gurus for any help in advance.
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Re:Which device do you pair to?
2013-02-22 22:01:03
Wow, you have so many adapters!! Actually, Adapter1 is the main adapter and all other adapters are connected to the main one.So each adapter are paired to each other and share the speed because they are in the same power line network. You need make sure that all the adapters have the same name like this file showshttp://www.tp-link.com/en/article/?faqid=321