Wishlist for TD-W8970 Firmware

Wishlist for TD-W8970 Firmware
Wishlist for TD-W8970 Firmware
2013-03-02 03:46:58
Region : Germany

Model : TD-W8970

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 0.6.0 1.2 v0000c.0 Build 130201 Rel.54921n

ISP : unitymedia


i bought the TD-W8970 V1 because of its 3G-failover-function. I'm searching for a customer-solution like following:
The customers'ISP is unitymedia (a provider using TV-cable for internet-connection), they give its customers cable-modems from motorola which have a RJ45-connection with dynamic IP at the end, so you can connect a router at this site for sharing the connection.

Because the connection sometimes hangs i thought about that failover-function and tried it. Set the Connection mode to Wireless-Mode and enabled 3G-Failover-option.
When i disconnect the LAN-cable between the TD-W8970 and the motorola modem, the router perfectly switches to 3G-Mode and connects to the mobile ISP (in this case fonic / O2).

But then a simulate an hanging modem (connected on WAN-side), i connected a network switch between motorola modem and TD-W8970. Then i disconnected the motorola modem and waited some time. But the router didn't switched to 3G-failover. My question is: How does the router detects a failure on WAN-side? A way to check for failures would be to check via PING-request in time intervals (which would be my wish, and then also a field where i could manually set the host which should be pinged).

My second question is:
The router has a snmp agent onboard, but with snmpwalk and also with a trap agent i can't find an OID signalling the 3G-state of the router. It would be nice if system-administrator would be notified (via trap-agent or at least with an OID to be requested) when the router switches to 3G-failover-mode.

All in all it seems to be a nice router, with a nice GU-interface. Until now i don't have long-term experience with that router but with the current firmware it seems to be stable.

Thanks in advance.