[Solution] Internet is not working with DoDo

[Solution] Internet is not working with DoDo
[Solution] Internet is not working with DoDo
2021-05-13 09:27:49 - last edited 2021-05-13 09:33:25
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This Article Applies to:

All Wi-Fi Routers and DSL modem routers, such as Archer AX6000/AX11000, Archer VR600/VR1600v/VR2100, which can be used with the NBN DSL connection in EWAN mode.


Special ISP related:

DoDo, Australian ISP, who offers DSL connection and EWAN connection (PPPoE, VLAN ID=100)


Issue Description/Phenomenon:

After finishing the Quick Setup with the information provided by DoDo (or other ISP), the router obtains the WAN IP address, Gateway, and DNS server automatically, it seems it connects to the internet successfully, however, customer cannot connect to any website on their computers or phones when connected to the network. In such cases, the customer may find that they can use applications like Teamviewer, which could be quite confusing.


Available Solutions:

Customer need to change the PPPoE username from original fibre2021xxxx to fibre2021xxxx@dodo.com.au, then save the internet setting, and wait for about 2~3 minutes, he will be able to connect to the internet fine.


If your ISP is not DoDo, but you encounter a similar issue, do remember to check the username provided by your ISP that if there is any difference with or without the suffix @xxx.com, try the opposite to confirm if the router connects to the internet.


If the problem cannot get resolved, we encourage our customer to contact the support engineers via email or hotline for further assistance. In either case, be sure to provide the following information:

1. Name of your ISP

2. Model number of the TP-Link device

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