Av600 no internet

Av600 no internet
Av600 no internet
2021-07-14 20:18:50
Model: TL-WPA4220
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version:



I've been using two Powerline extenders for 9 months with no problems. I haven't changed anything at all but they both suddenly stopped working. I've spent hours and hours trying to solve the problem.

At first the powerline button wasn't lit on either the extender or the adapter. I reset the extended and now the power, powerline and WiFi buttons are on but there's still not internet.

Please help!

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Re:Av600 no internet
2021-07-15 07:48:33


If House Leds are ON on power line units , you could try some suggestions here:
1> change a different Ethernet cable between Main router and main power line adapter
2> try a different LAN port on main router. 

If still the same problem,please connect a computer to router by Ethernet cable ( same cable that main powerline adapter is using) and check do you have any Internet? Please send us a photo of the IP address on PC when wired to router. 

How many Leds are ON  on the main adapter and powerline extender? 
If connected to AV600  by WiFi or by wire, what is the IP address & Gateway on your computer? https://www.tp-link.com/support/faq/838/

Thank you. 

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