Connecting PowerLine adapter crashes PC

Connecting PowerLine adapter crashes PC
Connecting PowerLine adapter crashes PC
2021-08-03 03:46:03
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:


I have a really weird problem with this TL-PA8010 PowerLine kit... For the record both adapters are correctly paired, with solid green LEDs.


As soon as I connect either device to the Ethernet port, my PC acts weird then completely hangs, followed with an BSOD on Windows 10 or a hard lock on KDE Neon (numlock LED blinking, I assume that's a kernel panic).


Now this might look like a PC-side problem and therefore, the wrong forum to ask. But I assure you it's not. Right now with the same NIC I'm connected to an Archer X10, and I tested with every network cable, every other router & device I could get my hands on (including a spare Archer C20 I had lying around). Not a single one gave any problem except the ones in this kit... So I think my PC is ruled out as the culprit.


But then, the weirdest thing is that my laptop's NIC work fine with either adapter, with acceptable speeds.


I'm REALLY scratching my head here. What could possibly go wrong with a PowerLine setup to cause this? I even contacted the construction firm (this is a 3yr old apartment) to have my electrical wiring checked, they said all is OK. Warranty is sadly out of the question b/c this kit was bought by a friend in Europe while living there years ago, then gifted to me in South America where I live.


My NIC is an integrated Atheros AR8131 PCIe GbE... I don't think there's a known incompatibility there?




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Re:Connecting PowerLine adapter crashes PC
2021-08-04 11:19:46 - last edited 2021-08-04 11:20:23

@VictorG  Hello, 

It is recommend to check if there is any driver update for your Atheros NIC as some driver may improve the compatibility, or you could consider using a 

Please confirm your powerline units are on the latest firmware :

May I know your network topology like AX10 router---PA8010P ___powerline ___PA8010P--PC? How about the firmware version of your powerline kit, thank you. 

 As this issue you are experiencing sounds unusual, we would like to have a specialist look into this further via email. Please check your mailbox later, and let us know if the issue is resolved. Thank you!



Re:Connecting PowerLine adapter crashes PC
2021-08-05 00:21:14 - last edited 2021-08-05 00:43:56

@Solla-topee Hi, there's in fact a new NIC driver: old version (standard W10 driver), upgraded to newest version (Qualcomm-Atheros provided). Sadly this did nothing, the problem remains. I also changed PSU on my PC, and made sure all connections are ok. Now I'm almost 90% sure this is some sort of incompatibility.

Your message seems to got cut at "consider using a----".


(By the way, tpPLC software do not recognize PLCs when connected through USB-Ethernet adapters -- tested with my Realtek & ASIX ones).


My topology is as follows:


ISP-provided FTTH GbE router <-> AX10 on Eth1, PLC1 on Eth2, other devices on Eth3-4

PLC1 ___ powerline in same circuit ___ PLC2 <-> PC.

(AX10 used only to improve 2.4/5Ghz coverage)


Firmware version of both adapters is, hardware is V1. My local TP-Link website does not list an available upgrade, but going to the Spain site (as I said this kit was bought in Europe, it has a "type F" plug) shows this one: TL-PA8010(EU)_V1_180709. I assume this is newer than the version I have?

Note that I have TL-PA8010 kit, not TL-PA8010P.



Thanks for your time. I'll look at the aforementioned email.