Deco M5 random internet interruption

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Deco M5 random internet interruption

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Deco M5 random internet interruption
Deco M5 random internet interruption
2021-08-03 18:58:27 - last edited 2021-08-03 19:14:05
Model: Deco M5  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.5.3 Build 20210203 Rel. 68223

This new thread create from How to fix frequent interruption at Tp-link deco M5 mesh whole wifi system?


My house setup with following Deco mesh devices in system


  • 1 Deco M5 (US/3.0) with latest firmware connected to Internet using DHCP from main router
  • 2 Deco E4 with latest firmware connected to mesh network via wireless
  • 1 Deco M3W with latest firmware connected to mesh network via wireless


I have enabled 5GHz network only and fast roaming is disabled, I found this issue on 2 of my devices (Macbook Pro 13" A1708 and realme 7 5G), it keeps connected to WiFi network but without internet from time to time and I need to switch it to 5G or turn off WiFi then turn on again and connect back to Deco network to get internet back.


I also try to turn off all other Deco node except Deco M5 that connected to internet and found the problem still occur even I am connect to the network in the same room Deco M5 located.


I replace Deco M5 with HUAWEI WiFi AX3 (Dual-Core), connect it to main router using same ethernet port as Deco M5 and see no issue so far after replacement, the problem come from Deco M5 for sure.


Regarding questions from @TP-Link in old thread

1. Would any Deco turn red when the internet dropped out?

  • I'm not sure but it should not since I can surf on my laptop (HP Elitebook 840 G6) when connection issue occur on realme 7 5G

2. Except for the Macbook pro and Realme 7, did other mobile devices have this issue?

  • I also notice this sometime on my HP Elitebook 840 G6 but very less often compare to realme 7 5G which run on Dimensity 800U CPU with WiFi 1x1, I don't notice this issue on POCO X3 NFC running on Snapdragon 732G CPU with WiFi 2x2.

3. How often did this issue repeat within one day ?

  • Many times in a day (more than 10 times) especially on realme 7 5G

4. Did you have any wired clients around and did they have the same drop-out issue as well?

  • No, all devices connect through network via Deco WiFi but I can test this if it will help.

5. Please also turn off the Mesh technology on the Deco APP and check whether it improved the stability or not.

  • I try to turn Mesh Technology toggle off from realme 7 5G but the issue still occur (I also notice network switching between 5G and WiFi every minute on this device when fast roaming is enabled on Deco setting but this switching issue did not happen on other devices so finally I need to disable fast roaming to fix the issue)
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Re:Deco M5 random internet interruption
2021-08-04 01:42:55

I posted in the old thread, but wanted to give an update.


I've since abandoned my Deco M9 Plus and got the TP-Link Archer X50. It was great until after about a week, then the same video call issues started happening. Could it be related to channel interference from neighbors' routers? User @ragnakore suggested it in that previous thread here. Admittedly I haven't tried any of what they suggested.

Re:Deco M5 random internet interruption
2021-08-04 03:02:47



Hi, your case has been forwarded to the senior engineers, and please check email for further assistance.



Hi, for your case, it is worth starting a new thread as well.

For Deco M9 Plus, it is not able to change the channel, but Archer AX50 is ok.

So if the video call issue is caused by the channel, you could use the Wi-Fi analyzer to detect the channel around and choose a clear one to have a test.



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