(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP

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(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP

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(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2021-09-14 14:57:31 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37
Model: Archer VR400  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: Default

Hiya All,


UK OpenReach To Shut Down DSL Services - VOIP



As I'm hoping many of you all know by now and for those that may still be in the dark and it seems so are a fair few TP Link support agents who have listened to the below information on live chat and advised they will feed it back to management yet I've heard or seen no changes as of yet.


This would apply and spark the interest of I hope the new TP LINK ISP Director "Kalam" to really look into for the UK Products market and for which I'm willing to help explore this as well.


In 2025 UK Phone Network "OpenReach" will be shutting down the Copper (POTS) Network (Green Cabinets and OverHead Cables in favour of a FULL FIBRE future however this is a very slow rollout at this moment and not all areas have the FULL FIBRE Infrastructure in place and probably won't before this cut off date some exchanges are deemed "Not a priority" which is stupid when everywhere is a priority.


This means losing our DSL Lines and Landline Phone Numbers & Services around that time,So while there's around 2-4 years left before this happens I wanted to get a jump on this so I was ready for the new services by upgrading and keeping my landline phone number to VOIP and also getting a Compatible Multi Functional Router ready to hopefully have a smooth transfer.


So off i go to do my research and I still am researching the tech needed as i write this to make it simple for our home as we still use landlines here at present.


Now I have the providers in place to arrange the full fibre cable build to my property however apart from the service provider options on the Main TP Link page there are currently NO GPON/EPON (FULL FIBRE) Based Products available or Coming Soon yet from TP Link in the UK which is quite shocking seeing as this is the way we are going quite quickly.


Ok I understand that DSL Is still being used so in there eyes it's not a priority at present but what about people like myself that are upgrading there Landline Phone Service to a VOIP Service where is the support and products for the UK To use VoIP on all the new products being offered there isn't any yet I see there is outside the UK with models such as VR600(V)/VR900(V)/XR500(V) etc... Where (V) is the same model that's being currently offered but with VOIP/Telephony ports/service & these should be available here in the UK by default for services such as VOIPTALK/SIPGATE/VONAGE & ISP's Own services (which they are walking away from) etc... And I don't see the logical reason why they are not currently available here.


You would think there would at least be a transitional product being made or at least something customers like me could help test/build to get ready for this deployment to make things easier to transition...I have some awesome ideas about what I would want but it's discussing it one to one with a tp link designer/developer/engineer to make this happen.


Also while releasing the (V) Models I mentioned above to the public would be a stop gap for now to at least protect landline phone numbers with a BT Plug on phones and not a RJ11 PLUG where a convertor or dedicated input port would be needed as most landlines these days are Cordless/DECT enabled just not VOIP enabled I have seen a German TP Link router with something similar on that could be adapted.


Some big providers like BT have been doing this on there HomeHub routers for a while but why is TP Link so Behind in this for The UK Public.


I also started researching options to use my Archer VR400 to supply my VOIP Landline service and started looking for ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)  products and found a few options including Vonage and Grandstream and Cisco to name a few.


So I thought I know I'll get an ATA in Black From TP Link to match my Archer VR400....so i started looking everywhere and Shock Horror...NO ATA Products.


I searched the web for these and i screamed when I found the product results I wanted were outside the UK Again as a Router/ATA from TP Link but again built into a router and not a Seperate product to bridge the gap and more aimed at service provider and not the public.


While this is probably a lot to take in on a thread I'd like to know people's thoughts on this and even from TP Link agents if they are monitoring the forum as to why they are not supplying the UK public with VOIP Router Options and ATA's to purchase as they have the know-how and tech to make them as I've seen outside of the UK but without releasing these products inside the UK it's surely a loss of money to the company and people will go to Router manufacturers that have these products ready eg...Zyxel/Fritzbox etc that do have VOIP/FXO Ports Services on there products.


I want to buy tech that's going to last a while not change every 5 minutes with one new hardware feature but it's the same product and then creating more tech waste for landfills :-(


For me I didn't realise my new Archer VR400 (V2&V3) wasn't G.fast Compatible which TP Link call "Super VDSL" so I'd have to change this product if I could use this service but the range for this service from my cabinet just misses my property so is no good sadly but not every openreach cabinet in my area is enabled but i'd have thought at least all TP LINK DSL Products would have this "profile 35b" g.fast/SuperVDSL support would be included by default these days to be backwards compatible as a starting point but the only useful feature is the Gigabit Ethernet Ports for the FTTP Connection when it's here,at present it just feels limited every day that I research things but I still love my Archer for now.


So Come on TP Link..What's The Catch ???? I thought you were one of the Great Tech Makers yet the others seem way ahead of you at this point.


What can we do as customers and community members to help you and in turn you show us your passion for help making and testing new products for the future.


Alef Yeung seemed to be on the right track with the Deco X20 Kickstarter that I looked into but even this didn't have VOIP Functions but more things like this will keep my interest.

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Re:UK OpenReach To Shut Down DSL Services - VOIP
2021-09-15 07:44:05 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37


Hi, Thank you very much for the detailed information.

Actually, I barely noticed that there are no VOIP compatible models sold in the UK, and Thanks for bringing it up to me.

I have checked with the engineers and currently, there is no plan to release VOIP compatible models in the UK yet.

 And if anyone had the same request, please feel free to comment below.


Thanks again.

Re:UK OpenReach To Shut Down DSL Services - VOIP
2021-09-15 11:54:53 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37

@TP-Link While this is unfortunate it will mean I will have to source alternative products from other manufacturers seeing as I can't get them from TP Link UK when we will be in great need of them when more people realise what we need to do to save our home phone numbers.


This link will back my original post up with a explanation video from the UK Network "OpenReach" that all UK ISP Providers Use (except Cable based providers)




I have VOIP Details for a few test accounts but I currently have no hardware to run them on other than my Android Google Phone app and I'd rather buy a "Transitional Product" with VOIP like the models mentioned above available in Australia and Germany that my normal home phone can be plugged into (via adapter) which I had thought of importing one.


Hopefully there will be more people that reply to this post but you do need to put some (V) Models Out There ASAP to test the waters...more features = more profit for your company.


Some new service providers are even supplying VoIP models like the Technicolor DWA0122 (dual fxo/s) or a FritzBox Router Which is an entry level VoIP Business Router to the home (DSL) for new customers as an example.


So I personally cant understand why your so behind on this...what is going through your engineers heads on this.


I'm looking at your XR500V (Service Provider) model for the FTTP Deployment as an upgrade but you need to put out the VOIP Versions of your current DSL products to the public as I'm positive they will sell fast.


Even Build & Release some ATA standalone devices like this beauty (This model below looks interesting for the UK Markets especially if upgraded to Super VDSL Standards as a minimum test for home users https://www.tp-link.com/hk/service-provider/dsl-router/archer-vr1200v/ Is there an emulator around ??) :-)


If not the routers to bridge the gap in the market then allow existing routers to add the function via an external Ethernet add on (ATA) with a firmware upgrade (beta) as there's a few guides on how to set this up when the hardware is built in when you search for "VOIP" On The Forum.


You can even send me a test model if you would Iike *hint hint* to help create and test this in the UK and help build new Firmware & iron out bugs via feedback to your engineers so don't pass this opportunity up.


The TP Link XZ000-G3 is basically a Sleek Modem for the New Full Fibre Network which if this also had VoIP functions on this could also bridge the gap between the Archer VR400 and the New Network via the WAN port...can you even give me a rough idea on prices to purchase any of these.


I also really like the TP Link "Emulators" in the support section of certain products but I can't find them for the Voice models as for me this is an in-valuable training tool to keep up to date on menu & model changes.


It might also help if you "Pin" this topic incase it gets lost also.

Re:UK OpenReach To Shut Down DSL Services - VOIP
2021-09-16 01:30:38 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37


Hi, I would love to do that for you.

As for the emulator of VR1200v, I am sorry that I did not see it anywhere.

Thank you very much.

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2021-11-22 13:45:37 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37


I would also like to register an interest in a VOIP router. I'm currently having to use the router supplied by my ISP as TP-link doesn't support this yet.

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2021-11-23 12:17:23 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37

@essexjones247 its just strange they havent released there VOIP Routers to the UK when they have them outside the UK if you google some of the TP Link product numbers i've mentioned above they look awesome,however i've now bought a third party VOIP ATA Adapter and ported my Landline Number over to plug into my Archer VR400 its a pain taking up an ethernet port but it had to be done i guess and i also bought an IP Phone to play with too.


Thanks for the backup & i hope they are listening.

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2021-11-23 12:22:29 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37

@PhantomR1982 , no problem. I'm currently using my ISP router to connect to the ONT and phone with my VR2100 ( which I recently purchased) to handle the WiFi which wasn't straight forward to sort out. It would have been far easier to simply use one router for everything ( admittedly the ISP router could do this but the WiFi on it is poor)

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2021-11-23 12:33:52 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37

@essexjones247 if you google the VR2100(V) for example (V) = VOICE then you may find them through amazon.de or a spanish reseller for example as this version has the voip functions but as a full fibre (ONT) Solution i like there XR500V model which gets rid of the DSL port in favour of the voip and a direct connection to your Full Fibre ONT cable to the router like we are used to.


Only thing i've come across through they dont support it as they are meant for ISP'S only.


Silly Really...BUT that said i still like there products even if they are behind the times with the UK stocks.

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2021-11-23 13:23:42 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37

@PhantomR1982 , thanks for the info and advice I'll have a search

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2022-03-05 23:35:55 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37


VOIP is comming as a replacement for the old PSTN network, however apart from business service providers its nigh on impossible to use your own equipment with mainstream domestic services in the UK

If i was to sign up to a FTTP provider then i would have no choice but to use their own router for VOIP

for Example BT call their VOIP  service "digital Voice" and when you move to FTTP your voice line will also move to Digital Voice (VOIP) the only issue , and tis a big one if you want to use your own ATA/Voip router is that BT will not provide the  details needed to use your own equipment its either the BT supplied router with phone port, or no service.

 Likewise for at least two other ISPs, Sky and Vodafone and there are probably more like that as well.


If the current UK trend continues in this direction, then there wont be much point in using TP link routers or any other after market router from any other manufacturer as it will be the ISP supplied kit or no service

Re:(Product Request) VOIP Based Products in UK ASAP
2022-03-07 14:36:25 - last edited 2022-09-06 09:13:37

Hiya @Richard_T123 


this is part of the reason WHY i want @TPLINK to listen to there users as with our OpenReach PSTN being shut down there products with VOIP built in will be required more like they have in other countries already,so if they don't have them available in the UK then they will lose money to other providers that do have them such as xyzel & fritzbox.


i have started the process already on converting my Domestic Landline Number to an independent provider (not BT) that gives me the VOIP connection details for

the number i have ported to use in VOIP capable apps & hardware,this way i have control of my number in one place even if i move internet providers or go to

an FTTP(OD) Provider then my landline number wont be affected by the constant provider changes and porting fees just as long as i have a Powered ATA & Active Internet

Connection it will be fine.


i can purchase & use an external ATA on a LAN Port with my current TPLINK router from another provider but paying that bit extra to have the

VOIP ATA/Telephony ability in a newer TPLINK router is a worthwhile upgrade....TPLINK products in Germany have built in DECT to if your landline supports it.


Talking about FTTP however is the reason i started this because of the lack of knowledge and interest that ISP'S are showing about this to customers until it

happens one in particular believes the PSTN isnt going down until 2027...so poor them when there customers complain but i did warn them.


but take action now and save yourself the hassle later i say :-)


Kind Regards


















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