TL-SG1016S 16-port gigabit switch disconnects

TL-SG1016S 16-port gigabit switch disconnects
TL-SG1016S 16-port gigabit switch disconnects
2021-12-08 04:24:02 - last edited 2021-12-08 04:44:23

I have a three year old TL-SG1016S 16 port GB switch that today is continually disconnecting. 

I will power cycle it, and I have networking for about 30 seconds, then nothing on that switch can see the network.  Not the internet, not the local network, complete disconnect.

I have tried to search these forums, but the search engine refuses to search for my exact unit.

Is this fixable?


It is connected to a Xfinity cable router, not in bridge mode.

The blinky lights blink both at the switch and at the computers.  Even when when computers see no internet.

The switch is in a climate controlled room, about 20 deg. C.

It is powered through a UPS, so it is protected from lightning and other interference.

There were no weather or power events, it was working this morning, it is not working this evening.

Nothing changes if I swap cables, change CAT5 ports on the router or change the port that the network comes into the switch.  Only power cycle works.

For about 30 seconds.


The WiFi from the Xfinity cable modem/router works fine.

Macs and PCs both are affected, any of them work fine if they connect to the WiFi.

No computer connected can even find

I can remove power, wait thirty seconds, restore power and I will have network.  For about 30 seconds, then nothing. 

** update **

Moved all the cables to an ancient Linksys 8 port 10/100 switch and everything works fine.  This clearly points to the TP Link switch as the problem.


The switch has worked fine for three years and is about the most pampered device in the house.

Any help welcomed!


be well,


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Re:TL-SG1016S 16-port gigabit switch disconnects
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As this is a non config switch it should just work, sounds like its failed.


The TL-SG range is business grade and therefore has a longer warranty (5 years / Lifetime)  so i would recommend you contact them for a replacement.  More details here