WiFi to WiFi

WiFi to WiFi
WiFi to WiFi
2022-05-04 12:28:10

Hi Guys,


I need to interconnect a Huawei inverter located in the cellar with my home network located on appartment at Ground+1.

I consider buying a BPL product to inter-connect the cellar level with the +1 floor.

The inverter is solely accessible through a WiFi exposed by the device. So no wired connectivity possible.

At the +1 level I have wired and wifi connectivity of course.


The amount of data to be passed is very limited. So no need for a top performer.


Which product matches best such a need in this context ?


Thanks very much,



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Re:WiFi to WiFi
2022-05-05 11:20:47

 Hello  @BernardT 

  •  You could consider a Access Point that support Range Extender / repeater mode like TL-WA1201  or TP-Link range extender, and this requires RE receive strong and stable wifi connection from the main router. 

Topology: Huawei 4G router (1st floor)<Wireless>AP  working in Range Extender/RE  at a proper location among 1stand 2nd floor)<Ethernet> BPL product  (2nd floor)-wired/ wifi network device

  • Range extender may not a perfect one for different floors as signals on vertical level is usually not strong as it on vertical level, you may consider swap the Huawei mobile router to a 4G Desktop router which has Ethernet ports,

Topology: 4G desktop router (using SIM card) on 1st floor-<Ethernet> AP/Router on 2nd floor

Hope this could helps.