Incorrect password

Incorrect password

Incorrect password
Incorrect password
2022-09-08 17:24:12 - last edited 2022-09-09 01:53:08
Model: TL-WA855RE  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

Well in a twist of irony, posting on this forum I'm asked for the model type and it isn't even listed!

For the rest of you reading this it is TL-WA855RE

Right what seems to be the problem then... Incorrect password! I can see that the forum is littered with the same problem and most users are left with little help on this topic.


I brought this to extend one of my wifi networks. I put the extender within range of the router and sure enough I got a blue light suggesting all was good. I connected to the range extender and was prompted for a password. I tried the password that was already set with the SSID for the router and it came back as incorrect... Oh! perhaps I typed it in wrong... Anyway after many attempts I gave up.

Last week I decided perhaps a better way would be to hardwire the extender to the router via cat5e. Did that and reset the extender. Sure enough a blue light and I was also able to connect to the extender and was prompted for the password. Again incorrect password.

Clearly this isn't a very good piece of network equipment.


Before i take it back to the shop for a refund, I'll ask here if anyone has solved the mystery of the password.


I'm no stranger to IT, previously I worked for Unisys as a network engineer for all of the major banks in the UK. If this has baffled me, the home user will be completely lost with one of these.

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Re:Incorrect password
2022-09-09 01:59:44

  Hello @Halfhidden 

We made a troubleshooting guide with more detailed instructions that should help with the situation. 

Troubleshooting:Unable to Connect to WiFi Extender or Saying Incorrect Password 


May I know do you use WPS method or use a Web or Tether to set up the extender

If the Signal LEDs / Wi-Fi LEDs are On on the range extender but network device can not connect to RE and reports incorrect password (RE will use the same Wifi password as main router after it connects to routers successfully, make sure you have put in the correct Wi-Fi password here) you could try to reset the extender and reinstall it via web page or Tether app and see if that helps. 

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