Speeds dropped from changing switches

Speeds dropped from changing switches

Speeds dropped from changing switches
Speeds dropped from changing switches
2023-01-21 18:15:17 - last edited 2023-01-21 18:24:08
Model: TL-SG116   TL-SF1005D  
Hardware Version: V14
Firmware Version:

I have Ethernet running through the house but recently the switch started running really low speeds overnight, i swapped it out for a 5 port TP Link (TL-SF1005D)  capped at 100mbs, and it was running great at around 95mbs. As i used the 5 port just to test whether it was the Ethernet cables or the switch i ordered the TL-SG116 as i needed more ports. It arrived today and i installed it, After running a couple speed tests im getting around 8mbs of speed. The first switch was running almost the exact same speeds (as if it was capped at 10mbs) to the new switch i got today. I've checked the feed cable which gave me 140 download, and 40 upload. I also used the 5 port again today to double check and it was still giving me around 95mbs and 30mbs upload. (Also ignore the hardware version I'm unsure of it)


Edit: All switches I've tried are plug and play, so not even sure how to configure

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Re:Speeds dropped from changing switches
2023-02-16 23:42:26 - last edited 2023-02-16 23:46:07



These are unmanaged switches and there's no option to configure or monitor them - they are PnP.

Most probably the problem you have is connected with physical issue between switch port and the ethernet cable RJ45 plug.

Sometimes they can't negotiate the maximum speed of the switch port and instead they are agreed upon 10/100 mbps:


The problem with this LED indicators is that you can't tell if the negotiated speed is 10 mbps or 100 mbps. Most probably it's 10 mbps as you measured.

There are EasySmart switches that can be configured and monitored through their web management interface like TL-SG116E.

With this type of switch you can tell exactly what's the negotiated speed of any of its ports also configure or monitor many other switch parameters.

What you can do right away (without replacing the switch):

1.Easiest thing is to change the port of the switch where the ethernet cable goes into and test the speed again.

2.Change the ethernet cable with a good quality one (Cat 5e/6) - you can just test if that's the case with a shorter ethernet cable to the switch and a computer.

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