Maximize hotspot connection speed

Maximize hotspot connection speed

Maximize hotspot connection speed
Maximize hotspot connection speed
2023-03-21 08:29:08
Model: Archer T3U  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:



I have two Archer T3U Wifi adapters that are connected to two computers with Windows 10. I set up a mobile hotspot on one of the computers and connect with the other to it. Ths works, but I cannot get the nominal speed of the connection above 173.3 Mbps (displayed in the virtual adapter properties, I measure around 130 Mbps, which is what I would expect with that connection speed). The adapter advertises a speed of 867 Mbps, how can I use the full bandwidth for my hotspot?


Things I already tried:

1. Install driver from tp-link website (also checked that it's for the correct version)

2. Use the windows recommended driver (installed via device manager

3. enabled 802.11ac as wireless mode instead of auto (this works, in task manager the connection is shown as 801.11ac, auto mode enables the slower 802.11n)

4. disabling 2.4 GHz (the settings page for the windows mobile hotspot displays a warning that some devices may not be able to connect to 5 Ghz networks, so I think it actually creates a 5GHz network)

5. I looked into "windows hosted network", but it seems this is not supported by the driver or hardware.

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Re:Maximize hotspot connection speed
2023-03-22 09:11:02


Hi,867m/s is the maximum wireless link speed for Archer T3U, not  an expected internet download speed via SpeedTest Apps.

Is the 173.3m/s here  kind of the connection speed of the mobile mobile hotspot on the first computer #1?

And is 130m/s  the current wireless link speed on the computer # 2 when it is connected to the mobile hotspot?

Can I have some screenshots of these link speed on the computers?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.




Re:Maximize hotspot connection speed
2023-03-22 10:06:25

Hi  @David-TP,


thank you for your reply! The 173.5 Mbps is indeed the displayed connection speed of the mobile hotspot, the 130 Mbps I achieved by testing with iperf3 (which is reasonable for the 173.5 Mbps connection speed, I guess). I will explain again my setup with some screenshots below.


So on computer #1 I have a T3U connected to a USB3 port with TP-link driver (Advanced settings are default, except I disabled 2.4 GHz and set wireless mode to 802.11ac)

From there I start the windows 10 mobile hotspot like this:

I have connected another T3U to my laptop (computer #2) (via a 1m USB3 extension cord) and disable the internal WiFi

Here, also the TP-Lik driver is installed and configured as above:

Then I connect to the hotspot and the adapter connection status is this (here I got the 173.5 Mbps connection speed):

Signal strength is excellent, as the two computers are almost next to each other. The connection properties confirm that a 5 GHz network was created:

I ran iperf3.exe -s on computer #1 and connect my laptop as a client and get the 130 Mbps transfer speed which I think is reasonable given the low connection speed. I mainly did the iperf test to see if the connection speed would increase under load (because of energy saving). The aim would be to increase connection speed to the advertised 867 Mbps (and with that, of course, actual transfer speed).



Hope this makes it clearer.

Best regards



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