[Bug report] test of x50 in router mode


[Bug report] test of x50 in router mode

[Bug report] test of x50 in router mode
[Bug report] test of x50 in router mode
2023-03-30 18:48:04
Tags: #IPv6
Model: Deco X50  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.0



today, i switched my master X50 deco into router mode in IPv4 and in IPv6 behind my ISP router.


Bug : X50 gets my fd02::/64 network and associates with its own fd02::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx address. this is fine : my local network is covered if the ISP network fails. But it seems that it does not formally associates with the 2000::/3 network provided by my ISP. Only the local address is listed but not the global address associated to each of my IPv6 network clients. This global address may be used internally but is not published on the DECO app as the prefix delegation is OK on the global address when connecting to the DECO system. As with IPv6 one can set as many IPv6 address as we wish per interface : it may be a rough limitation of not knowing the currently configuration.


(note : X50 is configured to get its IPv6 through SLAAC+DHCP-info)


Bug : There's no local address managed in FD00::/8 on LAN network as it is impossible to set an additional IPv6 to the LAN interface.


Bug : The DNS setting in manual refuses to accept any address on the FD00::/8 network (here FD02::2 which hosts a home local+cache DNS). The currently only DNS available is the one pushed by my ISP.


Bug : on the DECO app, the clients using the IPv6 network are not visible. Only their IPv4 address is listed.


improvement : using something like ospf and ospfv6  or even rip/ripv6 to make it simple could be helpful to get a plug and play routing as IPS provided prefixes change as the wind does even in IPv6 (i know it is not a normal IPv6 behavior but some ISP want us to pay for a fixed IPv6 lease...). And setting static routes manually is somehow a boring practice from the previous century. This will allow routing behind the ISP router and on the local addresses on FD00::/8 or on the IPv4 private subnets.


As IPv4 will be removed one day or another, a proper behavior of IPv6 may be needed in a near future.


Question : in IPv4, IdO network and guest networks are sharing the same subnet as main network (is it secure ?). How is it done on IPv6 : does each network receive its own prefix delegation ?




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