VR600 V3 Firmware update


VR600 V3 Firmware update

VR600 V3 Firmware update
VR600 V3 Firmware update
2023-09-20 06:53:24 - last edited 2023-09-20 13:57:13
Tags: #VPN #Onemesh #VR600 V3
Model: Archer VR600  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.5.0 0.9.1 v009e.0 Build 220518 Rel.43816n



i am a new TP Link customer, i have just purchased the VR600 V3 and i am very pleased honestly


Everything is really great, i am in love with this device however it is lacking few things that need to be updated and TP Link can easily do that


1- DoH and DoT Support

2- Onemesh On/Off toggle

3- VPN Client


I spent the whole day yesterday searching online and reading about this, it appears that i am not the only one requesting this and this has been requested since 2019


It is true that TP Link updated some devices with the above features and much more but none of the devices that are getting updates is "ADSL / VDSL Modem Routers"


seems to me that this category is forgotten and neglected for sometime now, latest firmware update was released on 2022-08-10


now this worries me much, this will most definitely impact your image and sales too, i am from a Country (120 Million population) where the whole entire country is dependent on ADSL / VDSL that is a huge market with great potential


is it not worth it to make this a positive experience for your customers by just releasing regular firmware updates.

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Re:VR600 V3 Firmware update
2023-09-22 09:51:53



Hi, thank you for posting on the TP-Link community, and we certainly appreciate all your feedback and feature requests here.

While we don't have any specific details that I can share around if those features can come to DSL products, or when it might, I'll make sure to log those feature requests and pass them along to the team.


Feel free to let us know of any other feature requests you may have, we’d be happy to send them up for you.

Re:VR600 V3 Firmware update
2023-09-22 21:39:31 - last edited 2023-09-22 22:06:11



I understand your reply and totally respect what you said


my point is that those features are soooo easy to implement regardless if its a DSL Router or not


DoH and DoT support is something that should have been implemented years ago and is actually required for security/privacy


Onemesh On/Off toggle to disable the Onemesh hidden SSID, you guys released a hotfix for that couple of years ago for several devices and then included that hotfix in future updates so that it is a permanent fix but not for the VR600, you guys released the next update without including the hotfix to have the option to disable it so now i am stuck with using the older version 1.4 and can disable Onemesh or use the latest 1.5 and have Onemesh SSID on, here is the link to confirm what i said https://community.tp-link.com/en/home/forum/topic/522626


VPN Client this one i can understand if not possible to implement for whatever reasons you guys may say but the above 2 features should have been implemented already


i have bought this Router 5 days ago and since then i spend everyday on this forums here reading posts about my device and others, i have come to the following conclusion 


TP-Link is very sluggish in releasing updates, adding new features and especially when it comes to ADSL / VDSL Routers category we have it the worst, we are at the bottom of the barrel left to rotten


why is that?

we are ppl too

we are paying customers too

why are we treated any differently


i need to know if a fix is coming or not, i have 14 day return period, i am very inclined to return your product and go with a different brand

Re:VR600 V3 Firmware update
2023-09-23 08:45:28



couldn't have said it any better, I completely agree 100% with everything you said


TP-Link reply about checking if its possible to implement such features for DSL Router is just BS


i can list more than 30 DSL Routers that have DoH and DoT support from couple of years ago, what is TP-Link excuse for not implementing this feature already


the Onemesh hidden SSID always constantly broadcasting is very annoying, I don't use Onemesh and a simple toggle to switch on/off that feature according to one needs should be something fairly easy to implement but apparently to TP-Link this is hard work, as per the link you shared it shows they made a hotfix for this toggle but later forgot to include that fix in the next official update, which shows that TP-Link is a hot mess and can't handle the simple things


i am very disappointed honestly, all this can easily be resolved by releasing proper adequate firmware updates to fix things 

Re:VR600 V3 Firmware update
2023-10-09 11:00:36

  @joedorsey79 @Sunshine


I registered especially to comment on this topic


its almost 2024, more than 5 years ago they invented DoH & DoT because it is vital for security 


i am very popular on reddit and i can make this go viral in a negative way for you guys, failing to update your software to support DoH & DoT is ridiculous


you practically have the Code for it since it is available for few of your devices, all you got to do is tune the code a little for the VR600 and release the update 


this takes less than a day work to complete, Whats your excuse?



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