Kasa KD110 Notifications & Recording playback


Kasa KD110 Notifications & Recording playback

Kasa KD110 Notifications & Recording playback
Kasa KD110 Notifications & Recording playback
2024-03-18 15:02:18 - last edited 2024-03-18 15:07:16
Tags: #Google Assistant #Notification
Model: KD110  
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 2.3.24

Hello team,

I replaced my Google Nest doorbell with KD110 and I am satisfied so far.

However, I want to request a few features to make this product great.


1. Notification Group or Option

Nest doorbell naturally works well with Google Home devices. When the doorbell is pressed, all Google speakers say that someone pressed the doorbell.

With this device option - "Voice notifications" in Google Home, I can make my Kasa doorbell do the same, but there's an issue.

All notifications (motion and person) trigger this action and that's quite annoying


I want Google speakers working only on "Doorbell pressed", NOT on "Person detected".

At the same time, I want to get a mobile notification for all events (as I selected the notification option in the Kasa App).


Currently, I am disabling the "Voice notifications" option, because "person detected on my driveway" is misleading with "someone visited and pressed the doorbell".

Can you add another option in the Notification section that how will send "voice notification" to Google Home?



2. Dragging timeline in 24/7 recording

In the mobile app, I can browse the timeline so that I can rewind and fast-forward the recorded stream.

When I used Google Nest, dragging reflected the video in real-time. When I drag back, the video rewinds. When I release my finger the video starts from there.

However, the Kasa app doesn't display video during the dragging. When I release my finger it jumps the time and plays the video from there.


These are a common use case example that I am using often

- I want to check when the car is parked

- I want to check when my garbage bin is emptied

 Instead of single dragging, I need to drag and release many times.



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Re:Kasa KD110 Notifications & Recording playback
2024-03-20 06:31:22

  @gensay  Maybe you can check if the Google Home app has the option to announce the 'doorbell is pressed' notification only.

Park your car or empty your garbage will trigger motion/person detection video clips, you can drag on the timeline to see the detection video clips, and it may help you find the video you want more easily.



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