Issues with Apple devices

Issues with Apple devices
Issues with Apple devices
2013-08-28 20:08:47
Region : Others

Model : TL-MR3420

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :

ISP : 8ta


I have the combination of different devices connected to the router (TL-MR3420) at home
There is a connection fluctuation issues with all Apple iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and Apple TV
It means from time to time, although I can see the wireless connection icon on the device, but my internet is not connected and when I want to connect wireless (remotely) to router via, it is also NOT possible
But at the same time, I can do the same with my Windows laptop and also No problem with my internet connectivity
I have already tried and installed different firmwares but unfortunately the problem persisting
Also most of router's configuration are on recommended settings
This has happened recently in last two months
I really appreciate your support

Kind regards
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Re:Issues with Apple devices
2013-08-30 17:25:29