DNS problem

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DNS problem

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DNS problem
DNS problem
2015-01-08 03:19:20
Region : Argentina

Model : TL-WA901ND

Hardware Version : V3

Firmware Version :


Please help. I have a fixed wire network with a router/switch to which I do not have access to any features. The cisco device provides the gateway. It does not have any dhcp functions enabled. It has no wireless features. It provides access for the work based computers in afixed ip range to the internet, and firewalls incoming connections.

The computers on the fixed wire networks have addresses starting 162.19.74... as a start and are static ip addresses, with fixed ip addresses and dns servers in the windows network cards tcp ip settings.

The gateway is

The point of the AP for me was to be able to bring wireless devices into my work environment.
I wireless devices needed to hav the same ip addresses as the fixed wire network starting -186 range. These are different to the static ips on the wired network.
The gateway is set to just like the fixed wire network.

This is set in the Network Lan settings.
The ip address of the access point (AP) is set to which has no conflicts and is visible from the fixed ethernet pcs attached to the network.
The wireless devices get given an ip appropriately in the range specified but cannot resolve dns addresses.

When going into the dhcp server settings, apart from the range, the gateway is set also to the
I have tried various dns settings including which was the default, and (google dns servers).

This does not help.
From the tp-link access point's web page and diagnostics, can be pinged but if a website name is entered it does not reach the site.

When I rang and spent 20mins on the phone, I was told not to enable the dhcp server. However, I want to do this so I can use my wireless devices from home and work with different settings. There is no other dhcp server, and the addresses are deliberately the same as the fixed wire network and the router/gateway will send things to the internet when outside the subnet mask. Why does this not work ? How do I get the dns to work ?
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Re:DNS problem
2015-01-09 08:43:13
162.19.74.x is public IP segment.
First of all, are you the administrator of your network? If not, I don't think you can add devices as you like without the administrator's permission.
For a static IP-assigned network like yours, if I was the network administrator I would be using a bunch of measures to manage the users' devices, restricting unauthorized hosts to access internet.

If you are sure that your network allows adding hosts as long as there is no IP conflicts, here is my suggestion:
1. You must ensure the IP addresses in DHCP pool is absolutely not used by other hosts in any other places (not just your network).
2. Use the same DNS/gateway settings as your wired PC on your wireless devices. Check you wired PC which can access internet and copy the subnetmask/gateway/dns addresses, and then manually assigne to one of your wireless device. Check whether it works or not.
3. If it works, then others will work, just put those subnetmask/gateway/dns in the DHCP settings on TL-WA901ND.
If it doesn't work, call your network administrator.