Need some Help with Home Network

Need some Help with Home Network
Need some Help with Home Network
2015-04-21 16:06:26
Region : Argentina

Model : TL-WPA4220

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :

ISP : VirginMedia

Hi all,

1st post here....I could use some help with Wifi in my current home setup. I have broken down how I am currently setup to better describe what I am trying to achieve.

Ground Floor - VirginMedia Cable ~Modem/Hub connected to 1 of TPLINK TL-PA451 AV500 Adapters

1st Floor - A TPLINK 5port 1GIG Hub is then connected to the other TPLINK TL-PA451.

This provides a full wired network in my office perfectly, however wireless from the ground floor is terrible to non existent. I was looking at other TPLINK products to help with this and was thinking of getting TPLINK TL-WPA4220 to give me wireless in my office by plugging it into one of the other sockets in the room. I have a couple of questions re this

1) Would this work with the correct configuration?
2) Is the above option the best way to achieve what I require?
3) My VirginMedia Modem/Hub doesnt have a WPS button, how would I configure the TL-WPA4220 if thats the best way to go?

I was assuming that with the correct config and the above solution that i would then have a full/strong wireless service in my office

Let me know your thoughts please?
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Re:Need some Help with Home Network
2015-04-22 13:40:33
TL-WPA4220 is proper in your case.
Since there is no WPS button on the hub, to clone its SSID and security settings, you can install the utility for WPA4220 and login its web interface to change those settings manually.