Only internet download traffic slow over powerline

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Only internet download traffic slow over powerline
Only internet download traffic slow over powerline
2015-07-09 16:58:57
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TL-WPA281

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version :

ISP : Plusnet

I have two different sets of powerline adapters for networking around your house through the power sockets.They are different models from different manufacturers, but they work together and they've always worked fine. My home broadband is 75mbps fibre, and the powerline adapters for the last year have managed to get around 50mbps download to my living room and 40mbps download to my office which is in the far end of my house from the router.

Earlier this week, the internet download speed in them drastically reduced to less than 1mbps, which is not sufficient for my work. I’m really confused because of the following:

It is not a fault on the adapters – I have tried both sets in different combinations.
[*]It is not the internet coming into the house - over WiFi and Cat5 cable I still get 50mbps – 75mbps.
[*]It is not the router – I have two routers and both perform the same.
[*]It is not the network cables – I have swapped out every cable.
[*]It is not the computer – I have tried it on two different Microsoft machines and an iMac, and all are affected.
[*]It is not the power coming into the building (I think). The apartment downstairs has the same ISP and does notsuffer the problem.
[*]It is not a device causing electrical interference. It still happens if I turn off every device in my home and shut off the master power to the downstairs apartment. We haven’t bought any new electrical items. I guess it could be the separate fibre modem itself causing the interference as that is the only thing I can’t shut offer swap for the test?
[*]It doesn't matter which plug sockets I use for the adapters. Even two right next to each other result in a very low download speed.

Now here are the really odd things:

Internet upload speed over power line is fine – the same 14mbps I always got.It is only download that is affected.
[*]The local network transfer speed between powerline-connected computers is fine at 64mbps. I can send a movie over my network in a couple of minutes.
[FONT=&]So in summary, only specifically internet download traffic via powerline which is slow. Network traffic is fine.

Any ideas on this? At the moment I have a 10m network cable running the length of my house which is driving my girlfriend mad.
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Re:Only internet download traffic slow over powerline
2015-07-13 10:09:52
I've had a similar issue to you, but my problem was between my Windows 2008 server and Windows 7/8 client. The problem was when my server was connected to my Netgear ProSafe 16-port Gigabit switch. When I connected the server directly to my router ports, the issue was gone.

Try removing all devices that are not necessary and have direct connections between them all. In fact, move all the powerline adapters to the one power socket and retest. It may be a new device, or even white goods, which you have added to your network?