SNMP - Wrong traffic values with td-w89970?

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SNMP - Wrong traffic values with td-w89970?
SNMP - Wrong traffic values with td-w89970?
2015-12-24 09:41:28
Model : TD-W8970

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 0.6.0 2.12 v000c.0 Build 140613 Rel.31066n


I'm trying to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic in my TD-W8970. I activated snmp in router settings and then set up a netxms server for monitoring. Added the router to netxms and after an interface polling I got a lot o interfaces: wifi0, sit0, ppp0, nas0_1, nas0, lo, ip6tnl0, ifb1, ifb0, gre0, eth1, eth0.5, eth0.4, eth0.3, eth0.2, eth0, br0, ath0. I didn't know exactly which interfaces to monitor, so at first I added all using OIDS . and .

Then I started generating traffic between different nodes in order to test monitoring and check which interfaces I was really interested of. The fact is that, apart some exceptions, all tests I did didn't gave me correct values:
- Download something from internet (ubuntu iso) connected in LAN with Ethernet Cable: According to my Laptop I reached 800KB/s (~7Mb/s) while in netxms I saw eth0 incoming traffic raising from ~0 to 18KB/s. All the other interfaces didn't see any change (neither ath0 and ppp0) and
- Transfer big file between two pcs directly connected in LAN with the router: 34MB/s on my laptop and... nothing different in netxms
- Send file from pc connected in LAN with Ethernet Cable to pc connected in WLAN: eth0 and br0 show the actual traffic speed, the others (also wifi0) nothing
- Upgrade firmware: I upgraded firmware to the latest version before doing any test and when I sent the new firmware file to the router I saw a peak (~8MB doesn't take a lot to upload) in netxms, but I don't remember on which interface
- Download something from internet (ubuntu iso) connected in WLAN: ath0 shows the correct traffic rate (even if out speed is download speed, and in is upload), ppp0 out and nas0_1 raised from ~0 to 18KB/s (ppp0) and 28KB/s(nas0_1). Actual speed was ~850KB/s

I don't know what to think. Here snmp support seems very bugged, but I read about some user with same router model (don't know hardware version) using it. Maybe I just do something wrong
Thank you for reading. I hope this test are useful for troubleshooting this behavior

P.S. On linux I tried to do snmpwalk to ath0 out (. and saw similar values to Netxms ones, so I don't think it's Netxms' fault. Furthermore I use it at work for similar task and it works well
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Re:SNMP - Wrong traffic values with td-w89970?
2016-02-02 07:47:04
Hi there..

I have a WD8980 and the SNMP values are incorrect there as well. From my testing it's almost as if the In/Out values are out being reported as Bytes and not Bits.

The following graph is during an ISO download, and polling the Ethernet ports (ppp0 shows a similar value)

The following graph shows the same download polling the SNMP stats of the server doing the download

If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it.
SNMP values are incorrect
2016-02-02 07:54:50
Similar situation:

WD8980 System: 0.6.0 1.8 v000e.0 Build 150514 Rel.40138n

It seems as though the SNMP values returned are out by about a factor of 10 - almost as if being reported in Bytes and not Bits.

Test: ISO download from server attached via Ethernet. Monitoring SNMP on both server and WD8980

Following is graph from WD8980

Following is graph of server NIC

Notice that the Server NIC graph is topping out at 15 Mbit whereas the WD8980 Ether link is topping at around 1.5 - 1.6 Mbit