Problems with new TD-W8980

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Problems with new TD-W8980
Problems with new TD-W8980
2016-01-28 20:01:44
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HI everybody,
Last summer, after having read good comments, I bought a TD-W8980 to replace my aging Thomson TG585 V8 which by the way had never given me a problem. Anyway, it was a change for the sake of the change and at the same time to gain some extra features (ie dual wifi band, faster wifi, gigabit Ethernet and usb storage sharing). But as the title reads I have come into a few problems with the TD-W8980. The problems I’m facing are:

[*]Intermittent disconnections from 5GHz wifi. Although devices connect to the modem/router (via the 5GHz band) after a while they disconnect and immediately reconnect. This behavior is the same with either auto channel or fixed channel. Also encryption type has been set to AES otherwise connection to 5GHz band is impossible. It has been tested with 4 different devices (1 desktop, 2 laptops and 1 mobile phone)
[*]Devices connected to 5GHz band can access the internet but they cannot communicate with each other. It seems like device isolation is enabled for 5GHz band although there is not such setting . i.e.
Ethernet devices <-> 2.4 GHz devices <-> 5GHz devices OK
5GHz devices <-> 5GHz devices NOT OK
[*]If the 5GHz band is enabled and an usb device (either usb hdd or usb flash drive) is plugged in to any of the 2 usb ports then the device is not detected. The two green leds next to usb ports keep flashing and nothing happens. If I disable the 5GHz band and reboot the modem then the usb-stick/flash disk is detected and can be accessed from all the connected devices. However, 2.5’ portable usb hard disk drives (i.e 1 from samsung and two from western digital) are never detected although their power requirements fall within the 500mA limit of the usb port.
[*]The modem gets quite hot to the touch, especially the bottom, although it is elevated with 4 extra rubber feet.

It is the first TP-Link product i own and I must admit that I’m quite disappointed from my purchase :(; it is either a faulty device or a poorly designed product.

Any idea, advice, help is welcome.