Archer D9 USB printing issues

Archer D9 USB printing issues
Archer D9 USB printing issues
2016-05-27 09:47:50
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I have an archer d9 router and have attached a HP Laserjet 3520 printer to the USB 2.0 port on the router.

I installed the tplink usb printer controller app on my laptop and it discovered the printer and i connected and printed from it.

I added a 4 port hub to the usb port on the router, connected a 2nd printer and both were visible in the controller app on my laptop.

This worked for 2 days and yesterday i haven't been able to connect to or see the printers in the app.

I have rebooted the laptop (win10) and the printer. I have checked the settings on the router and the print server is enabled. I have removed the hub and connected the HP printer to the router. No luck.

The printer controller app is the latest downloaded from the tplink website.

On a second laptop which is LAN connected to the router I started the print controller and it could see both printers and print to the HP ok. As soon as we removed the LAN cable and were on wifi, the print controller lost contact with the printers and couldn't print.

My laptop is purely wifi and when first set up above was printing via wifi.

A 3rd laptop on wifi sees both printers and can print to the hp printer.

All 3 laptops are running win10.