W9980 Wireless Problem - Wired is fine, help!

W9980 Wireless Problem - Wired is fine, help!
W9980 Wireless Problem - Wired is fine, help!
2016-07-01 13:21:07
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Hello all,

Over the past month or so our W8890 has been suffering from random wi-fi drop outs, and I can't seem to figure out why. Some facts to help diagnose:

1. The wired connection via a series of TP Link homeplugs is always fine and rock solid.
2. Yesterday I tried turning on the 5ghz network to trouble shoot - no effect, this went down as well as the 2.5
3. If I leave it, it usually comes back up with no interference from me, this can be 5mins or overnight
4. A reset of the box, or switching the wifi on and off, cures it, but again temporarily
5. I can't see any problem in the router log, having noted the timeout and checked back against it, there are no errors, just the usual array of send and assign addresses
6. The unit seems cool, certainly not hot (I'd read about some temp problems)
7. Unit hasn't changed position since new, no new software or devices attached, no new stuff around the location to interfere
8. Always effects *every* wifi device not just one, phone, mac, iPads; they are all showing as "Connected" but won't access any website - thinking about it just now, this may be important, as each device still sits happily on the wi-fi network, but will endlessly search for webpages. On the Mac, the blue safari progress bar gets about an inch across and stalls, but the Wi-Fi icon never fails, and it will show as connected...

I'm grateful for any help received, I plan to make sure the firmware is up to date this afternoon - tricky with a Mac Air and no ethernet cable, but do-able with 90 year old Dell Laptop!

Is there something I'm missing..?

Thanks :)

ps. Here's my Firmware I think: 0.6.0 1.12 v0021.0 Build 150507 Rel.40130n
Hardware Version: TD-W9980 v1 00000000
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Re:W9980 Wireless Problem - Wired is fine, help!
2016-07-14 03:43:15
Just to answer my own thread - I went through the TP Link support/ticket route and it seems fixed - essentially, the UPNP settings are now off, and the router has been up and running for 8 days without random restart or wireless outage, so potentially a fix if someone else stumbles across this thread :)