MR200 - VPN and Local RDP

MR200 - VPN and Local RDP
MR200 - VPN and Local RDP
2016-08-18 16:49:32
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We have an MR200 with the latest version of firmware installed (we upgraded it).

We want to use this with a 4G data card to give users in remote locations access to the internet and access to their office PC while away via VPN and a local network RDP connection.

Users presently use VPN and local RDP via various fixed line connections, other manufacturers 4G routers and by tethering 4G mobile phones to their laptops. All 4G connections use the same data provider and work well.

The MR200 allows users to connect to the VPN easily but when they try and connect to their PC using a local RDP it appears to start fine then just stops and eventually says that it has failed.

How can we resolve this issue?