Wake on LAN with Archer VR2600v

Wake on LAN with Archer VR2600v
Wake on LAN with Archer VR2600v
2016-09-22 20:57:54
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I'm ZhuanYun and new here. This is my first post.
A few days ago I have bought a TP-Link Archer VR2600v to replace my Fritzbox 7490.
The "basic" setup was done easily and things are working fine. The upload rate of the Archer VR2600v is almost twice as high as with the Fritzbox. That's why I would like to keep it and sell the Fritzbox.
Now I have encountered two problems
Wake on LAN
[*]VPN (asked in another thread)

Somtimes I have the need to wake up one or two devices within my local network from a remote site. With the Fritzbox I had the possibility to wake up a deivce over WOL just by "opening" the entry for a device and click the according button "Wake up computer".
The interface of the Archer VR2600v doesn't have such a feature.
I have tried to follow an example shown on the TP-Link site for another model (stting up a static IP address, "virtual server" forwarded port and a device in the "binding list").
First, the interface of the VR2600v doesn't have a "binding list", so I just could set up a static IP address and a forwarded port under "virtual servers", but I can't wake up my devices over WAN (android with WOL app).

Is anyone here who has setup WOL (over WAN) and got it working?

Thanks in advance!