Wireless not connecting

Wireless not connecting
Wireless not connecting
2017-01-20 23:26:09
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Good day

I need some help please/
I have a brand new router, TP Link TD-W8960N.
I have setup it up and it is working, i can connect to any page on the internet, download content and and and.....

I have setup the Wireless and this is where things become hairy....
On my notebook and x2 different mobiles i can see the wireless network and when connecting to it, it doesn't.
I keep getting incorrect password messages.
However there is no way the password is wrong.

Anyone know of this issue?
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Re:Wireless not connecting
2017-01-22 01:26:10
Just a update, the firmware has now been updated to the latest version which is 7. I can now see the wireless network and i can connect to it at "times", other times it does not connect saying incorrect password. Then while connected, it just drops the connection and i cannot reconnect. This happens on various devices, mobile and notebooks.